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At The Pavlick Firm, we don’t just manage risk, we work with our clients to create opportunities. You need a lawyer that understands more than just the law in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world. Our business is yours. Bottom line.


We consult. We advise. We partner. You need someone that thinks beyond the law to solve your problems and create value and opportunity.

Practice Areas

Privacy is a growing area of the law that we specialize in and have many years of experience in working with organizations. Let us show you what we can do.

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We help small to medium-size businesses with all of their business needs. We know what it takes because we are business owners as well.

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Non-profits continue to face a growing list of regulatory and compliance matters. We help prevent issues and allow you to focus on creating impact.

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Start-ups need to do more with less. We know you have limited resources while growing your passion. We get you the most for your dollar.

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