Startups & Entrepreneurs

As a start-up or entrepreneur, you have a whole list of issues different from established companies. We know because we share your entrepreneurial mindset and passion. We provide a different perspective because we know you need to do more with less and get the most for your investment. Our approach is to be proactive at the outset to prevent issues before they arise and think strategically about your legal and risk management needs. We want to grow with your business.

Who We Help

  • Entrepeneur
  • New Business Owner
  • Start-ups
  • Investors

What We Do

  • Selecting a Corporate Form & Registering the New Entity
  • Contract Drafting & Review
  • HR
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Consulting

We believe in and support a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and community in New Orleans. It’s the future.

Richard Pavlick

Your Business Is Your Life. We Get It.

We Help You Plan And Grow. Thrive. Not Just Survive.

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